On the Use of Research-Based Teaching Techniques in Physics: From Effortful Deliberate Practice to AI-Enhanced Learning

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Louis Deslauriers

Louis Deslauriers
Department of Physics, Harvard University

This talk will delve into the transformative impact of active engagement in the learning process, challenging the traditional lecture-based teaching paradigm in STEM education. By showcasing compelling evidence and personal findings, I will highlight the deceptive nature of traditional lectures that lead students to overestimate their learning, contrasting sharply with the substantial learning gains achieved through deliberate practice—a rigorous, structured approach to mastering physics concepts. Furthermore, the incorporation of artificial intelligence in teaching, such as real-time AI-assisted question answering and the development of a high-performance AI tutor, signifies a pioneering shift towards personalized learning experiences that promise to revolutionize physics education. This talk not only questions the efficacy of conventional teaching methods but also showcases the future of educational innovation through AI integration, urging a reevaluation of instructional strategies to truly enhance student engagement and learning outcomes.