Designing Assessments in NYU Brightspace

Workshop / Training
For NYU Community


How can students demonstrate their knowledge, skills, and understanding of course content? 

Instructors have utilized various methods of assessment to evaluate student understanding throughout the course of the semester. There are various tools and strategies for creating and administering online assessments for each mode of instruction. 

This workshop will demonstrate how to use tools in the learning management system for assessing student comprehension as well as best practices for effective implementation.

In this workshop, you will be able to:

  • Create, manage, and grade assignments
  • Build and structure a basic quiz with common types of quiz questions

The following materials are recommended for you to bring digitally to the workshop:

  • Sample assignment 
  • Sample quiz/exam

Throughout the workshop, faculty and staff will participate in individual learning activities to explore, practice and apply newly acquired knowledge and skills. Additionally, attendees will be provided with the opportunity to demonstrate their progress, share ideas and ask questions about effective ways to use tools for creating assessments on the platform. 

Please provide 24 hours notice when planning to attend Teaching Innovation workshops.

Teaching Innovation workshops are for faculty and staff.