Seminar: Financial Technology

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Financial Technology supports the engineering and operations of financial systems, markets, and services. This seminar addresses some current concerns and case studies related to Financial Technology.  


The Financial Technology of e-CNY (The Chinese Central Bank Digital Currency): A Review of He et al (2023)
S.Liu, S.Chen, P.Luo, Q.Zhu

“How Fast Should You Trade” - the Perspective of Nasdaq's Phil Mackintosh
J.Hui, Y.Wang, Z.Luo, A.Ray

BlackRock's Aladdin System
S.Qi, X.Cheng, X.Wu, X.Shao

Project Ion: The DTCC Blockchain-Based Settlement Platform  
J.He, M.Ma, X.Yang, Y.Zhou

The Alipay 2022 Patent: Privacy and Security Protection in Blockchain-based PrivacyTransactions
I.Chang, G.Luo, R.Wang, Y.Wang

A Review of NICE Actimize’s 2022 Patent for Systems and Methods for Detecting
Unauthorized or Suspicious Financial Activity

Z.Chen, Y.Zheng, J.Lopez, Zhang