Advancing Stroke Neuro-Recovery with Novel Treatment Approaches

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Advancing stroke neurorecovery with novel treatment approaches


Adam Buchwald, PhD.

Professor of Communicative Sciences and Disorders

Director, Center of Health and Rehabilitation Research


Adam Buchwald is leading a highly interdisciplinary team in his Psycholinguistics, Aphasia, and Neuromodulation Lab. The focus of this group is to understand speech and language production mechanisms, and how we can help individuals with impairment to these crucial abilities subsequent to stroke. To achieve these goals, Buchwald's research includes detailed studies of the performance and rehabilitation of neurologically impaired populations with acquired speech and language deficits (e.g., aphasia, apraxia of speech) as well as neurologically intact populations, and incorporates the research methods of several disciplines spanning methods from Communication Sciences and Disorders, Neurorehabilitation, Psycholinguistics, and Cognitive Science, and Neuroscience. 


Prior to coming to NYU in 2007, Buchwald completed his Ph.D. in the Department of Cognitive Science at Johns Hopkins University in 2005, and completed a two-year post doctoral fellowship in the Department of Psychological and Brain Sciences at Indiana University.


Adam Buchwald
Aspects of P1′s lesion and approach to identifying an electrode montage. (A) Simulation of current flow for P1 based on placing electrodes in typical positions for motor learning studies) (B) Simulation of current flow for P1 based on electrode placement used in this study