Virtual Synesthesia Challenge: Info Session

Information Session
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Learn about the Synesthesia Challenge from NYC Media Lab in collaboration with CHANEL's Innovation Teams.

We’re seeking teams of students, startups and university teams that are leveraging emerging technologies including artificial intelligence to design and build products that offer novel solutions to answer the question: When one sense is removed directly, how can CHANEL still create its magic?

It is not necessary for these projects to have been originally developed for the luxury industry, and in fact, it may be preferable that they have not been. In all cases, teams should be able to articulate a clear and direct application to this challenge to be explored during the nine-week program.

Application Deadline: Sunday, November 5, 2023 by 11:59PM ET


CHANEL is a global leader in the luxury category, in both the strength of their brand and their business results. Despite these successes, CHANEL recognized the world is changing faster today than ever before. The Global Innovation Practice at CHANEL was born in 2017 of a desire to study the transformative forces, be they cultural, economic, commercial, or technological, that could one day impact their clients and their business. The mandate is to “éclairer le chemin” for the House – providing better visibility into these forces by accelerating the House’s ability to identify and explore new opportunities.

Their work spans across CHANEL’s three divisions and five regions. They conceptualize new services, experiences, revenue streams and business models that are a step ahead of the change, and work with our internal partners to bring these innovations to life. As a small team, they embrace a culture of iterative learning and strive for progression over perfection – working nimbly and employing low-cost experiments that garner maximum learning. 

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