Tandon hAQathon

Workshop / Training
For NYU Community

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The Tandon hAQathon (AQ = AI + Quantum) is the first quantum computing hackathon hosted at NYU Tandon. It will be an opportunity for students who are eager to gain a deeper understanding of quantum technology to roll up their sleeves and get their hands dirty with some real quantum programming!

Why throw a hackathon for quantum computing? A couple of reasons: In general, quantum computing research and funding has been gaining substantial support over the past decade due to its remarkable potential to solve very important problems, and we want our students to be better equipped to participate in this thriving ecosystem! More specifically, however, there is a minor in Quantum Technology currently under development at NYU Tandon and we would like our students to get a flavor of what they will be learning if they choose to enroll in the program. Keep an eye out for it Spring of 2024!

Meanwhile, check out the website for the hAQathon for more information or to register!