CATME, the SMARTER Teamwork Workshop with Matthew W Ohland

Workshop / Training
For NYU Community


The CATME (Comprehensive Assessment of Team Member Effectiveness) workshop will be led by the creator Matthew W Ohland, a Professor of Engineering Education at Purdue University.  Dr. Ohland will introduce the CATME tool, a powerful and effective way to assess and improve team performance.  The session will be comprehensive and 3 1/2 hours in length.  The agenda for the workshop is the following:

  1. Forming teams with Team-Maker

  2. Peer evaluation using CATME

  3. Managing team dysfunction

  4. Q&A

There will be breaks and refreshments provided. 

This workshop is designed for instructors who are interested in incorporating the CATME system into their courses to improve teamwork and collaboration among their students.

If you can not attend the entire workshop period, we recommend that you join us for at least a portion of the workshop.