Automotive CAN Reverse Engineering Seminar: Applying Reverse Engineering Analysis to Resolve Key Operational Parameters in Undefined Data

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community


Speaker Bios

William Rosenbluth has been President and Principal Engineer for Automotive Systems Analysis (ASA), Reston, VA, for 33 years. He has 58 years of experience with complex electro-mechanical, electronic and computer components and systems. He was employed by the IBM Corporation for 21 years, until forming ASA. At ASA, he specializes in the analysis and diagnosis of computer-related vehicle control systems and in the retrieval and analysis of electronic crash-event data in accident vehicles (black box data). His has authored two books, 'Investigation and Interpretation of Black Box Data in Automobiles' (2001) and 'Black Box Data from Accident Vehicles' (2009). He holds a BEE (‘61) and an MSEE (‘65) from the Polytechnic Institute of Brooklyn.

Peter J Sullivan has been President and Principal Engineer for Advanced Analysis Associates, Inc, for the past 26 years. His performs Forensic Expert Witness investigations for clients throughout the US, and he testifies in State and Federal Courts throughout the US. In his investigative capacity, he performs data downloads and imaging of Electronic Control Modules and ESI, including analysis and application to elements of accident reconstruction, validation, and electronic testing, on almost all makes and models of vehicles, equipment, and hand-held electronics. He holds a Bachelor of Science in Chemistry and Physics (‘84) from Texas State University.