Seminar: Financial Technology

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Financial Technology supports the engineering and operations of financial systems, markets, and services. This seminar addresses some current concerns and case studies related to Financial Technology.  


Case Study: Fedwire and National Settlement Services
Y.Ma, L.Meng, J.Liu

Ripple vs. SWIFT: Transforming Cross Border Remittance Using Blockchain Technology: A Review of Qiu et al (2019)
Z.Zhang, C.Wu, Z.Xu, X.Li, J.Zhou, Z.Ren

A Review of Wells Fargo’s 2022 Patent “Mobile Wallet Using Math Based Currency Systems and Methods”
Y.Fan, M.Jiang, J.Li, Y-C.Shu, S.Yin

Digital Transformation in China Merchants Bank from the Perspective of the Gyroscope Model of Cai & Wang (2022)
C.Cai, X.Chen, H.Gu, S.Li

A Review of the WeBank 2022 Patent "Financial Asset Anti-Money Laundering Control Method and Device Based on Block Chain and Storage Medium"
Y.Fan, B.Hu, F.Li, C.Li, T.Duan, D.Yun

A Case Study of the Stripe Payment Infrastructure
J.Li, W.Heins, X.Zhang, Y.Zhao