Seminar: News Analytics and Strategies

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

News Analytics & Strategies deals with the tools and techniques of analyzing news and the quantification of news -- based on, for example -- positive or negative sentiment, relevance to financial assets, and the amount of novelty in the content. 


Does Twitter Mood Predict the Stock Market?  A Review of Bollen, Mao & Zeng (2011)
K.Liu, M.Li, Y.Yang, L.Ma

Predicting market behavior based on news and sentiment analysis: A Review of the Refinitiv 2012 Chinese Patent 
Y.An, Y.Shu, D.Kim

Building Financial Sentiment Lexicons While Accounting for Negation: A Review of Bos and Frasincar (2020)
Q.Yang, S.Wang, F.Su, D.Yun