APPLIED PHYSICS COLLOQUIUM: What in the multiverse is quantum information anyway?

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community


Dr. Paul Kassebaum
Dr. Paul Kassebaum

Quantum technologies are revolutionizing communications, computing, and sensing, so they are poised to change every facet of society that is mediated by digital technology today. Dr. Paul Kassebaum will explain the crux of these technologies: quantum information. He has been explaining quantum technologies to audiences with little to no physics background – such as artists and musicians – for many years, and this talk is designed for just such an audience. He has worked at MathWorks and IBM Quantum, and is currently the Public Sector Technical Director at SandboxAQ. He earned a BEng from the Cooper Union and a PhD in physics from WPI.

Please stick around after the talk, when Dr. Kassebaum will be joined by two of his colleagues, Marianna Bonanome (Education Outreach, SandboxAQ) and Parham Pashei (AQ Education, Sandbox AQ) for a Q&A on careers in Quantum Technologies!