Technical Animations Using Blender

Lecture / Panel,
Workshop / Training
For NYU Community

Speaker: Mohamed Ashraf  (Tandon ’20) 

This talk is for anyone who wants to explain their new inventions, paint a picture of their ideas, or just wow an audience with what they are working on. Blender is a powerful and open source tool for 3D modeling and animation, and this talk gives a brief walkthrough of a number of fundamental skills that can get you started with Blender. The talk will involve us working together on a simple animation, where I will go over the workflow, planning process, and the key stages of producing a technical visualization from start to finish. While I am not yet an expert, I look forward to sharing what I have learnt, and discussing new and exciting concepts with you.

Course materials will be sent to all registrants on the day of the course. You may download blender for free in advance in order to follow along.