Seminar: Financial Technology

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Financial Technology supports the engineering and operations of financial systems, markets, and services. This seminar addresses some current concerns and case studies related to Financial Technology.  


Financial Technologies of FINRA
H.Zhu, L.Wang, P.Liu, S.Yao

A Review of the Bank of America Patent for Automatic Savings
Q.Ge, W.Gao, K.Liu , Z.Guo 

A Review of the CME Patent concerning a High Speed Financial Exchange
B.Du, J.Zheng, Z.Tang, W.Wang

A Review of the Silicon Valley Bank Patent for Social Based Automatic Trading of Currencies, Commodities, Securities and other Financial Instruments
A.Yulu, C.Clement, C.Yating, C.Chris

An Alternative to SWIFT: A Review of the Bank of China Patent for a Blockchain-Based Cross-Border Payment System
T.Dai, J.Peng, Y.Yang, J-T.Medina