Digital Manufacturing Cybersecurity: Mechanical Compromises and Defect Detection

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Center for Cybersecurity

In this cybersecurity webinar series, NYU Center for Cybersecurity will host four panel discussions with experts from academia and industry that critically examines this area.

Digital and Additive Manufacturing is proliferating in industrial settings. These new techniques for product design and implementation can enable rapid prototyping, more complex part details, simplification of product assemblies, and reduction in part tooling. However, they may also increase the attack surface for malicious third parties to alter design files, manufacturing parameters, steal intellectual property, or compromise part testing. In this webinar series we present an examination of this area. This week's focus is on Mechanical Compromises and Defect Detection: i.e. what are some ways that parts could be maliciously edited to cause reduced performance or failures, and likewise, how might we prevent or detect such failures in a given digitally manufactured part?

We have three distinguished speakers this week: Dr. Guha Manogharan (University of Pennsylvania), Joshua Lubell (NIST), and Luke Boyer (Carpenter Additive).