Exploring non-traditional jobs for engineering grads: How to leverage your degree

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Laurel Brown (CAS ’02) will discuss her non-traditional career path after obtaining a computer science degree. She holds degrees in both Economics and Computer Science from NYU where she was the recipient of various honors that includes the Economics Fellowship at Princeton; Computer Science Award for Academic Excellence and magna cum laude distinction. She went on to earn a JD from Harvard Law School.

Laurel Brown started her career path two decades ago — first as a computer scientist then as a Wall Street attorney. But ever since taking one particularly inspiring policy class in law school, she knew she wanted to practice economic development - revitalizing struggling economies around the world so she transitioned to the world of community based economic development. 

Laurel currently serves as the Head of Economic and Community Development (US-East, LatAm) for Google’s Global Infrastructure group. Prior to that she worked as a C-suite executive overseeing complex infrastructure deals, public-private-partnerships, and economic development projects for the City of New York, including successfully managing nearly 1.5 million square feet of public space and negotiating multi-million dollar public improvement projects.