All for One World: A Discussion on Diversity in Climate Change Efforts

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

hand holding a lightbulb surrounded by icons representing energy issues

As acknowledgement and awareness of climate change reach new heights, we have seen the development of legislation and technology that answer the call to action to protect the environment. These new initiatives galvanize climate action efforts while deterring those which increase greenhouse gas emissions. How do we ensure that environmental justice communities have the means and opportunity to be involved in the shift towards a cleaner energy future? 

Join us and our distinguished panelists Dominique D. Dowd (Dunamis Clean Energy Partners), Daphany Rose Sanchez (Kinetic Communities) and Pat Sapinsley (NYU Future Labs) to get an idea of how we can make that happen! This event will be moderated by Deborah Alabi ’21 (AABE).

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