Seminar: News Analytics and Strategies

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

News Analytics and Strategies deals with the tools and techniques of analyzing news and the quantification of news -- based on, for example -- positive or negative sentiment, relevance to financial assets, and the amount of novelty in the content. 

Seminar Presentations:

Deep Learning Prediction of the EUROSTOXX 50 with News Sentiment: 
A Review of the Refinitiv White Paper and Supporting Research

Z.Wang, L.Hua, L.Lin

News-Based Supervised Sentiment Analysis for Prediction of Futures Buying Behaviors:  A Review of Yadav et al (2017)
X.Gu, X.Liang, Y.Tan, B.Wang

A Review of Patent CN103846577B (2018): A Kind of Convolutional Neural Networks Stock Price Fluctuation Prediction Technique of Combination Financial and Economic News
K.You, Y.Chen, Z.Wang, X.Zhu

A Review of Patent US8930254B2 (2011): Financial methodology to Valuate and Predict the News Impact of Major Events  on Financial Instruments
S.Lin, X.Zhang