Seminar: Clearing, Settlement, Operational Risk

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Clearing, Settlement, and Operational Risk are concerned with bilateral vs. multilateral clearing; gross vs. net settlement; centralized vs. distributed ("blockchain") ledgers; the roles played by clearinghouses and systemically important financial market utilities (SIFMUs) -- and what can go wrong (Operational Risk). 

Clearing, Settlement, and Depository Issues: 
A Review of the BIS White Paper by Braeckevelt (2006) 
Y.Fan, R.Wu, X.Zhao

The Quest for Speed in Payments:
A Review of  the BIS White Paper by Beck et al (2017) 
T.Yang and P.Qu

The Shanghai Clearing House
J.Feng, L.Hua, L.Lin

Contracting Innovations and the Evolution of Clearing and Settlement Methods at Futures Exchanges: An Assessment of  Moser (2002)
X.Zhang, Y.Tan, J.Wu