NYU LMS (Brightspace) Instructor Training: Sharing Content [Part 2]

Workshop / Training
For NYU Community


In this second part of NYU LMS (Brightspace) hands-on training workshops, faculty and staff will receive an in-depth orientation of the various digital tools that can facilitate student engagement with course content in NYU’s new learning management system (LMS).

This workshop will demonstrate how to use tools for creating, structuring and sharing content with students as well as strategies for effective implementation.

By the end of the workshop, you will be able to:

  • Upload a syllabus
  • Import a course files
  • Structure content
  • Restrict visibility of content

The following materials are recommended for you to bring digitally to the workshop:

  • Course syllabus (any file type)
  • Sample course files (i.e. presentations, videos)

Throughout the workshop, faculty and staff will participate in individual learning activities to explore, practice and apply newly acquired knowledge and skills. Additionally, attendees will be provided with the opportunity demonstrate their progress, share ideas and ask questions about effective ways to using tools for sharing content on the platform.