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NYU Tandon Career Services is excited to announce our Technical Interviewing Mini-Bootcamp for January 2021! Two hour sessions organized six times over the winter break will be delivered by instructors to help and guide students through technical interviewing case studies/problems in anticipation of coding/technical interviews. 

Potential topics of discussion include: Arrays, Hashmaps, Two-Pointer Techniques, Strings, Linked Lists, Recursion / Backtracking, Trees, Queues / Heaps, DP, BFS / DFS, Union Find, Greedy Approach, Trie, and System Design.

We will be granting a certificate of completion and students must attend ALL sessions in order to earn the certificate.

Sessions dates are as follows (all sessions are from 11AM-1PM EST)

January 11, 13, 15, 25, 27, 29

STUDENTS AT ALL LEVELS are encouraged to participate at their convenience in order to gain knowledge and insight that will help them ace their next technical interview!

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