Minimally invasive technologies for neuromodulation in treatment of neurologic, metabolic, and immune disorders

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Khalil Ramadi


Khalil Ramadi, PhD
Assistant Professor of Bioengineering, NYU Abu Dhabi, UAE


In the Laboratory for Advanced Neuroengineering and Translational Medicine (LAN&TM) we develop new approaches for the modulation of neural activity throughout the body.  We combine mechanical, electrical, materials, and bio-engineering toolkits towards designing minimally invasive technologies for neuromodulation. Our goal is to develop novel therapies for neurologic, metabolic, and immune disorders. We have worked on a number of projects to more accurately target the nervous system through the brain and gastrointestinal tract. This talk will describe a microinvasive hardware and computational toolkit for high spatial and temporal resolution targeting of neural structures. This includes modular multi-modal probes, steerable microneedles, electrodes for simultaneous recording and marking, as well as a computational framework for multi-point targeting of irregular brain structures. These developments could enable localized nervous system modulation approaches for more efficacious treatment of neurologic, inflammatory, and metabolic disorders.

Example of two chronic brain microprobes for deep brain interfacing
Example of chronic brain microprobes for deep brain interfacing. Shown are pictures of multi-modal MiNDS probes implanted and imaged with PET/CT, steerable polished microprobes inserted intro brain phantoms.