Additive Manufacturing Security: Challenges in IP Protection

Lecture / Panel
Open to the Public

3d printer

Gathering of industry professionals and academic researchers to discuss the latest topics on additive manufacturing security concerns.

Rapid growth of the additive manufacturing (AM) field is resulting in new, exciting opportunities. However, there are also risks. AM is cyber-physical, making extensive use of computer and cloud-based resources – and introducing new vectors for cyber attack.

This workshop will bring together industry professionals using AM with selected academic experts in the field of AM security, to identify and discuss current and future challenges in this field.

Sponsored by NYU Center for Cybersecurity (CCS)


  • Don Jones, Executive in Residence, Carlisle & Co.
  • Nektarios Tsoutsos, Assistant Professor, University of Delaware
  • Ramesh Karri, Co-director CCS, New York University

Moderator: Hammond Pearce

Organizers: Nikhil Gupta and Gary Mac