Session 3: Building Systems Resilient to Nation-State Actors. Advances in Software Security

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Learn key issues in security such as building compromise resilient systems, key management, and operational security, with a focus on production systems that need a strong resilience to attack.

About the Series

Join us for a series of thought leadership sessions with the faculty of the NYU Tandon School of Engineering Center for Cybersecurity (CCS). You will gain deep insights into current and future technology and policy-oriented topics related to cybersecurity and privacy.

Moderated by Dr. Edward G. Amoroso, Distinguished Research Professor at CCS, each of the thirty-minute discussion sessions will delve deeply into an important and relevant aspect of the research and innovation projects currently being investigated at NYU.

Designed for practitioners, but likely of interest to developers, managers, researchers, and academics, the live, on-line discussions will start on June 4th, and will run weekly for eight consecutive weeks.

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