Tandon Teaches: DIY Face Masks

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Learn to sew a reusable facemask!

In this hands-on session, Industry Assistant Professor Kathleen McDermott will show basic hand-sewing techniques to create a simple, reusable facemask with a filter pocket, using material from a t-shirt. This pattern can be used to make a mask with ear flaps, or adjustable ties.

It is recommended you cut out the pattern shape in advance, following the dimensions on the pdf (linked above). If you don't have a ruler, an 8.5x11" sheet of paper could be a rough guide.

Supplies required: Cotton t-shirt, needle, thread, scissors. Sewing pins or paper clips are useful but not required.

(Note: homemade masks should be for non-medical use, they do not replace PPE).

*This session is open to the entire NYU community*