Seminar: Financial Technology

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

When Finance Meets Physics: A Review of Angel (2014) on Relativistic Markets and Their Regulation
Y.Zhang, P.Liu, Z.Chen, Z.Wu

Dynamic Peg Orders: A Review of the 2019 IEX Patent
J.Wen, J.Li, Z.Zhang, Y.Chen

A Review of the Bank of England White Paper on Innovations in Payment Technologies and Currencies (Ali et al 2014)
R.Xiao, T.Zhan, X.Min, Y.Yu

Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning in Financial Services: A Review of the Financial Stability Board 2017 White Paper
Y.Li, Y.Qin, Y.Wang, M.Yu

Citadel LLC: A FinTech Case Study
R.Liang, T.Yang, Z.Jin

Virtual Lecture  (contact Professor Freedman for an invitation).