Seminar: News Analytics and Strategies

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Could News Enhance the Return of a Momentum-Based Model?  An Empirical Study.
J.Kuang, Z.Cao, J.He, Y.Sha

The Effects of News Sentiment on Stock Returns: Verifying the Results of Ranco et al (2015).
Y.Xue, Z.Xu, X.Tian, H.Li  

Application of News Analytics and Sentiment Analysis to Predict Stock Price Trends - A Review of Chowdhury et al (2014).
R.Xiao, T.Zhan, Y.Chen, Y.Qin

News vs. Sentiment: Predicting Stock Returns from News Stories -  A Review of Heston & Sinha (2017)
J.Wen, X.Wang, X.Ma, K.Gao

Twitter Sentiment Analysis Applied to Finance: A Case Study in the Retail Industry - A Review of Souza et al (2015).
C.Rosin, T.Fang, X.Zheng, X.Kong