Optimizing Traffic Signal Control with Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in the Traffic Stream

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Lily Elefteriadou
Professor & Director
University of Florida Transportation Institute


The presentation will discuss on-going work to develop optimization algorithms, simulation tools, and sensor capabilities for enhancing traffic signal control operations when the traffic stream consists of connected vehicles, autonomous vehicles, and conventional vehicles.  Early versions of the optimization were deployed and tested at the Traffic Engineering and Research Laboratory (TERL), a Florida Department of Transportation  (FDOT) closed-course facility. The results from the field test confirmed the feasibility of the concept, and also identified critical issues that have to be addressed for successful field deployment. 


Dr. Elefteriadou is the Director of the UF Transportation Institute (UFTI) and the Barbara Goldsby Professor of Civil Engineering at the University of Florida. Her research focus is traffic operations, traffic flow theory and simulation. She is the principal investigator of the US DOT-funded Regional University Transportation Center for Region 4 (Southeast Transportation Research Innovation Development and Education, or STRIDE).  Lily is also an alumnus of the Polytechnic School of Engineering at NYU.