Mobile Crowd Sensing (MCS) – a First Step Towards Building Collective Intelligence

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Yacine Ghamri-Doudane
La Rochelle University, France

In this presentation, the speaker will focus on the discussion of the concept of “crowd sensing”, as an approach to collect data from embedded sensors in smartphones.The presentation will tackle four main questions: How to assign sensing tasks to maximize data quality with energy-awareness? How to minimize the processing time of sensing tasks? How to motivate users to dedicate part of their resources to the crowd sensing process? and How to protect participants privacy and not impact data utility when reporting collected sensory data?

Yacine Ghamri-Doudane is currently Full Professor at La Rochelle University in France, and the director of its Laboratory of Informatics, Image and Interaction (L3i). His current research interests lays in the area of wireless networking and mobile computing with a current emphasis on topics related to the Internet of Things (IoT), Connected Vehicles, 5G as well as Digital Trust.