Technologies Boosting Safety thru Smart Transportation and Autonomous Driving

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

C2SMART - Upcoming Seminar
Connected Cities with Smart Transportation

Xiangbin Wu
Research Director Autonomous Systems 
Intel Labs China

Smart Transportation has a great potential to boost safety and efficiency in China’s growing cities. With good advances in Artificial Intelligence, Edge Computing, V2X and Autonomous Driving, Intel Labs China are trying to combine all these to address some of the biggest challenges in this domain. In this talk, Xiangbin will share latest technology progress in above mentioned fronts, what unique challenges he sees for typical China cities and what he and team and broad eco-system partners are tackling them and their latest research and testbed progress.

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Xiangbin Wu is Research Director of Autonomous Systems Lab in Intel Labs China, Principal Investigator of Intel Collaborative Research Institute on Intelligent and Automated Connected Vehicles (ICRI-IACV). He currently drives overall research direction and strategic collaboration on Autonomous Systems for Intel China.