Shared On-Demand Automated Vehicles for First/Last Mile Transit and Beyond

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

C2SMART - Upcoming Seminar
Connected Cities with Smart Transportation

Gonçalo Correia 
Assistant Professor
TU Delft

In this presentation, Gonçalo will talk about recent developments from TU Delft research about the usage of automated vehicles as part of public transport networks. The research objectives, methods and results will be discussed in a critical perspective with the main goal of understanding what challenges we still face with understanding the role of automated driving as part of future urban transportation systems. Rather than giving final conclusions this presentation is meant to act as a spark for this much-needed discussion. The talk will particularly focus on the usage of AVs as first/last mile connection in transit trips but it will also look at SAVs for door-to-door transport.

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Gonçalo H. A. Correia is an assistant professor in multi-modal urban transport networks at the Department of Transport & Planning, TU Delft. His research focuses on transport demand management through the study of integrated transportation, intelligent transport systems, travel behavior change and land use interactions.