E-mission: An Open Source, Extensible Platform for Human Mobility Systems

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

C2SMART - Upcoming Seminar
Connected Cities with Smart Transportation

K. Shankari
Ph.D., Computer Science
UC Berkeley

In this talk, Dr. Shankari will introduce the idea of Computational Mobility and link it to e-mission, an extensible platform whose modular architecture, use of virtual sensors, and reproducible pipeline form a robust foundation for CM. She will present the first empirical evaluation of HMSes that focuses on system design. The architectural evaluation is based on three archetypal real-world deployments, and the power/accuracy/analysis tradeoffs are based on a novel procedure that uses artificial trips and multiple parallel phones to mitigate concerns over privacy, context sensitive power consumption and inherent sensing error. She will end by outlining future innovations in both computation and mobility enabled by the platform.

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Dr. Shankari just graduated from UC Berkeley with a PhD in Computer Science and a Designated Emphasis in Global Metropolitan Studies. Her primary research interests are in Computational Mobility (CM), an interdisciplinary field that focuses on collecting, analysing and influencing human behavior.