PTC CM 1004 Mid-Term Review Session

For NYU Community

1st Round of CM Mid-Term Review Sessions

The Polytechnic Tutoring Center (PTC) is happy to announce the Mid-Term Review Sessions for CM 1004 and CM 1014.  Below are the dates and times for the review sessions:

  • Tuesday, 10/1 – 6:30pm—8:30pm (CM 1004 & CM 1014)
  • Thursday, 10/3 – 6:30pm—8:30pm (CM 1004 Only)
  • Friday, 10/4– 12:00pm—2:00pm (CM 1004 & CM 1014)

Each review session begins with a mock exam created by our tutors and ends with time for questions and answers.  Seats in each session are limited and do fill up. 

To register for the CM 1004 (Gen Chem for Engineers) Thurs 10/3 review session, click HERE