EDRA 50: Sustainable Urban Environments

Conference / Symposium
Open to the Public

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EDRA 50: Sustainable Urban Environments: Research, Design and Planning for the Next 50 Years

EDRA 50 will explore how environments at all scales can be designed to support a more sustainable world – especially in the light of urgent Global Climate Change concerns. Cities provide central examples of resilient and sustainable solutions that address environmental, economic, social and behavioral elements.

EDRA 50 will explore research, design, and planning contributions to the critical mission of sustainability, involving built and natural environments, that address long and short-term responses.

Topics for Sustainable Urban Environments:

  • Cities, Urban Environments and Globalization
  • Green Infrastructure, Natural Resources and Urban Ecology
  • Global Climate Change: Attitudes, Behavior, Design and Advocacy
  • Participatory and Evidence-Based Strategies for Sustainable Design
  • Place-making: Personal, Social and Cultural Meanings of Space
  • Environmental Design and Human Well Being
  • Resilient Community Planning and Design
  • Sustainable Lifestyles and Ecological Behavior
  • Housing Design, Experience and Policy

Key Note Speaker: Jan Gehl

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Jan Gehl, (Denmark, 1936), architect, professor and consultant on urban design, has focused his career on improving the quality of urban life by reorienting the city design towards pedestrians, public life and cyclists.

His books include the by now “classics” Life between Buildings and Cities for People, published in more than forty languages. Major city improvement projects with Gehl Architects include Copenhagen, Melbourne, Sydney, London, New York and Moscow.

Jan Gehl has been awarded honorary doctorate degrees in Edinburgh, Toronto, Varna and Halifax, and is honorary fellow of the Architectural Institutes in Denmark, UK (RIBA), USA, Canada, Scotland, Ireland, as well as the Planning Institutes in Australia and Ireland.