2019 Research Expo

Institute Event,
Open to the Public

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The highly interactive expo will showcase dozens of the most promising and exciting research projects from every academic department, as well as exhibits from the school’s Center for K12 STEM Education, which is dedicated to boosting science, technology, engineering, and math education in New York City’s public schools.

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When: Friday, May 3 from 1:00 - 4:00 pm

Where: 6 MetroTech Center, NYU Tandon Gym (entrance on Jay Street)

Register: The expo is free and open to the public.

Volunteers: Opportunities are available, please contact

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1:00 pm - Welcome Remarks

1:30 pm - Vertically Integrated Projects Presentations

3:30 pm - Best Exhibits announced

4:00 pm - Research Expo concludes


2019 Exhibits

Biomedical Engineering

  • Emergence of Leaders in Human Groups

Center for Urban Science and Progress (CUSP)

  • Digital Traces of the Predatory Landlord
  • Map of gentrification and displacement in the Greater New York Region
  • Sonic NYC

Chemical & Biomolecular Engineering

  • Brooklyn BioScience
  • LabLessons
  • Mechanism Analysis of a Palladium Catalyzed Synthetic Chemistry in Micro-fluidic System
  • A Hydrogel-Photocatalyst Composite Flow Reactor for Removal of Trace Organic Contaminants from Wastewater
  • GeneTrain for accelerated wound healing
  • Mid-Infrared Colloidal Quantum Dots-based Photodectors 

Civil and Urban Engineering

  • Robotic 3D Printing in Concrete
  • Synthesis of model-based and data-driven control algorithms for smart and connected roads
  • Connected and Autonomous Vehicles in NYC 
  • Mapping the Bright Side of the City
  • Neuroscience for Architecture: Quantification of Human Responsiveness in Static and Responsive Built Environments
  • Data-driven Transportation Analytics

Computer Science and Engineering

  • NASA Robotics Mining Competition
  • Interactive Systems for Automatic Machine Learning Model Building and Curation
  • ARIES: Art Image Exploration Space
  • Data, Responsibly

Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Post-Quantum Cryptography Hardware Implementation
  • Kinect-Based In-Home Exercise System for Lymphedema intervention
  • Wireless charging and communication for Electric Vehicles
  • What Bio-IP am I cooking?
  • Atmospheric Air Plasma Device for Surface Treatments
  • Undergrad Capstone Projects

Mechanical and Aero Eng/Civil and Urban Engineering

  • Soft Robot Proprioception via Deep Vision-based Sensing

Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Legged Robots: Balancing and Gait
  • Fiber-optic sensor for wind turbine blade 
  • Assistive Vibrotactile Technology for Navigation and Obstacle Avoidance for the Visually Impaired
  • Augmented reality as a medium for human-robot collaborative tasks
  • Immersive Virtual Reality Framework to Study User Engagement in Interactive Games
  • Time-series analysis of audio data for detection of speech pathology

Office of Innovation

  • Power Line Detection for Drones

Technology, Culture, and Society

  • Measuring Mental Health: Wearable Technologies and Biological Measures of Anxiety
  • Menstruation Communication: Biosocial Implications of Scientific Research on Menstruation

Plus family-friendly activities brought to you by the Center for K12 STEM Education and MakerSpace.


2018 Winners

First Place: The “Citizen-Science Platform for Enhanced Telerehabilitation” 
exhibited by mechanical engineering students Roni Barak Ventura and Sam Richmond. (The two work in Professor Maurizio Porfiri’s Dynamical Systems Lab.)

Second Place: The “Decentralized Robot Swarm Smart-Control Interface” 
exhibited by Sai Prasanth Krishnamoorthy and Ezra Idy,  (The two work in Professor Vikram Kapila’s Mechatronics Lab.)

Third Place: An “Engineered Enzyme for Detoxification of Common Pesticides” 
exhibited by Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering students Andrew Olsen and Priya Katyal. (The two work in Professor Jin Montclare’s Montclare Lab for Protein Engineering and Molecular Design.)