Future Labs Focus A.I. | Creating a Customer-Centric Enterprise Experience

Lecture / Panel
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The key to success: An addictive customer journey 

The world's most recognized brands are tech giants, those using data to create highly customized experiences. It’s critical for business leaders to understand how drastically a customer-first mindset has led to disruption in major industries, from e-commerce and finance to retail and healthcare. The way customers are now acquired, retained, delighted, and evangelized has transformed.  

In the latest edition of their popular Focus series, the NYU Tandon Future Labs partner with Capgemini’s Applied Innovation Exchange, bringing together experts from Work-Bench VC, NYU Stern, OmniX Labs and more, to explore the customer-centric strategies that tech behemoths defined and dominated, and unearth how startups and enterprises across industries can wield AI and cutting-edge systems to create their own brand of addictive experience.

Refreshments will be provided.