Future Labs ProtoShop Open House: Softgoods products

Workshop / Training
Open to the Public

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The Future Labs ProtoShop is in full swing. On April 11, we're showcasing how softgoods products come to life. From pattern-making to a high-fidelity prototype, get a close-up look at the process that every backpack, purse and wallet — every fabric product, in fact — goes through. Throughout the demo, there will be discussion on value-engineering, methods and tools for scaling production, and considerations when selecting material for your product.

The ProtoShop can help you build your lean, scalable prototype, or let you manufacture your product on a small scale if you can't yet meet minimum order requirements. Housed in the NYU Veterans Future Lab, the ProtoShop is a free resource for NYU students. Refreshments will be provided.

See you soon! In the meantime, follow us on Instagram @futurelabs_protoshop to see what we're up to.