Silicon Valley Alumni Reception

For NYU Community

Dean's Alumni Day Luncheon

NYU Tandon School of Engineering Dean Jelena Kovacevic will be hosting alumni in Northern and Southern California this March!

Join us for our Northern California reception with special guest will be 2018 NYU Alumni Changemaker Martin Hellman (TANDON ’66), best known for inventing public key cryptography, the technology that enables secure Internet transactions. 

Martin Hellman will discuss the history of public key cryptography — a system in which a public key that can be freely shared is used to encrypt content, while a separate, private one, known only to its owner, is used for decryption – can sometimes seem like the stuff of a fictional thriller. It’s a rollicking, drama-filled tale complete with battles with the National Security Agency (NSA), invocation of the International Traffic in Arms Regulations, patent fights between major universities, and threats of imprisonment.

A dinner buffet along with wine and beer will be served.