Seminar: News Analytics and Strategies

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

A Review of "Trading Strategies to Exploit Blog and News Sentiment" (2010) by Zhang and Skiena 
L.Hao., X.Yang, Y.Chen, Z.Liang

Application of News Analytics: A Case Study of Lyft’s Upcoming IPO
W.Qin, Y.Zhu, J.Zhou

A Review of "Sentiment During Recessions" (2013) by Garcia
D.Yao, F.Yang, M.Lin

A Review of "The Impact of Abnormal News Sentiment on Financial Markets" (2015) by Yang et al 
T.Fan, L. Bi 

A Review of "Event-Based Historical Value-at-Risk" by Hogenboom et al
L.Ma, L.Liu, S.Shen