VIP Program Info Session

Free Food
For NYU Community

Join us for an NYU Vertically Integrated Projects (VIP) Program info session in the MakerSpace EventSpace. This info session will include a brief overview of VIP, representatives from the VIP teams describing their teams, and a pizza lunch. There is an opportunity to apply to join Vertically Integrated Project (VIP) Teams for the Spring 2019 semester. Be on the lookout for additional new VIP teams to come. The following course numbers and faculty are associated with active teams this fall:

  • VIP 300X A Concrete Canoe – Weihua Jin

  • VIP 300X B Music Experience Design Lab – Alex Ruthmann

  • VIP 300X C Holodeck – Winslow Burleson

  • VIP 300X D RePrint Bot – Nikhil Gupta

  • VIP 300X E Smart Cities Technology – Jack Bringardner

  • VIP 300X F Smart Internet of Controlled Things – Quanyan Zhu 

  • VIP 300X G Soft Robotics – Mike Knox

  • VIP 300X H Mixed Reality Engineering Lab – Mike Knox 

  • VIP 300X I Vertical Farming – Alexandra Seidenstein

  • VIP 300X J Urban LiDAR and Remote Sensing – Debra Laefer

  • VIP 300X K Wearable Technology – Victoria Bill

  • VIP 300X L U•START – Fred Strauss

  • VIP 300X M 3D Printed Biomedical Devices – Victoria Bill

  • VIP 300X N Rogue Aerospace – Nick DiZinno

  • VIP 300X O Tandon Motorsports – Joe Borowiec
  • VIP 300X P SAE Aero – Joe Borowiec
  • VIP 300X Q Hyperloop – Nick DiZinno
  • VIP 300X R iGEM – Jin Ryoun Kim
  • VIP 300X S INTERCEP – Carlos Restrepo
  • VIP 300X T AI Madness – Chen Feng
  • VIP 300X U SAMPE – Rastislav Levicky
  • VIP 300X V Augmented Library – Matthew Frenkel

  • VIP 300X W Designing for Creative Physical Computing – Kayla DesPortes

Interested students should apply to specific team through the VIP website and if there is space on team, you will receive a permission code to enroll in 1 credit of the corresponding VIP team section. You are required to participate on the same team for three semesters for a total of 3 credits. All students are welcome to apply to any VIP team, but you may enroll for credit in only one team at a time. Applications for all VIP teams will be due on December 14, 2018.

You are also invited to attend the VIP Mid-Atlantic Conference on Friday, December 7 in the MakerSpace and EventSpace.