Seminar: News Analytics and Strategies

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

A review of "The effect of Macroeconomic News on Stock Returns: 
New Evidence from Newspaper Coverage" by  Birz and Lott (2011)
X.Luo, J.Luo, J.Qi, J.Lyu, T.Chang

A review of "News Sentiment and The Investor Fear Gauge" by Smales (2014)
P-L. Wu, K. Mei, S.Liu, X.Shi, X.Ma

A review of "SenSR: A Sentiment-Based Systemic Risk Indicator" by Boruvkova et al (2016).
M.Ai, D.Yu, Y.Guo, R.He, T.Zhu

A review of "News-based Trading Strategies" by Feuerriegel & Prendinger (2016)
K.Xu, R.Sun, Y.Wang, Y.Miao, T.Xie

A review of “Online Portfolio Selection Based on the Posts of Winners and
Losers in Stock Microblogs” by Koyano and Ikeda (2017)
J.Li, D.Han, T.Zhou, D.Choi, Y.Xia