Students of Color Leadership Retreat (SOCLR)

Student Life
For NYU Community

We are excited to announce our upcoming Students of Color Leadership Retreat (SOCLR) at YMCA Frost Valley! This weekend getaway, Friday, September 28th-Sunday, September 30th, 2018, is an opportunity to bring together first-year students of color from across the New York University community for the purpose of their development, empowerment and as an introduction to NYU. This year's theme is "The Revolution is a Relationship," centered around the following idea: “What if revolution isn’t a product, some distant promised land, but the relationships we have right now?”-Kai Cheng Thom

Students will explore how they can realize revolution in practical ways within their own lives, their relationships, at NYU, and in society at large. 

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The retreat is FREE and includes transportation, room, and meals.