Orchestrating Game Generation

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Speaker:  Antonios Liapis,  Institute of Digital Games

Title:  Orchestrating Game Generation

Abstract: Game design lies at the intersection of a multitude of creative domains, from art and music to rule systems and architecture. These domains influence each other, with flashy visuals reinforcing a fantasy narrative and creepy background sounds adding to the player's tension during gameplay. When generating content for different domains, how should these domains influence each other so that the final outcome achieves a harmonized and fruitful communication across the domains? How can a computational process orchestrate the various computational creators so that the final game has the desired functional and aesthetic characteristics? This talk identifies the orchestration of computational creators as a core challenge for AI-based game design, discusses its dimensions and reviews research in automated game generation that has aimed to tackle it.

Short bio: Antonios Liapis ] is a Lecturer at the Institute of Digital Games [ ], University of Malta, where he bridges the gap between game technology and game design in courses focusing on human-computer creativity, digital prototyping and game development. His research focuses on Artificial Intelligence as an autonomous creator or as a facilitator of human creativity. His work includes computationally intelligent tools for game design, as well as computational creators that blend semantics, visuals, sound, plot and level structure to create horror games, adventure games and more. He is the general chair of the EvoMusArt conference (2018-2019), a Guest Editor of the IEEE Transactions on Games special issue on AI-assisted and AI-based Game Design. He has received several awards for his research contributions and reviewing effort.