2018 Research Expo

Institute Event
Open to the Public

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2018 Winners:

#1  "The “Citizen-Science Platform for Enhanced Telerehabilitation” Exhibitors: Mechanical engineering students Roni Barak Ventura and Sam Richmond

#2  "Decentralized Robot Swarm Smart-Control Interface" Exhibitors: Mechanical engineering students Sai Prasanth Krishnamoorthy and Ezra Idy

#3  "Engineered Enzyme for Detoxification of Common Pesticides” Exhibitors: Chemical and biomolecular engineering students Andrew Olsen and Priya Katyal


2018 List of Exhibits

Applied Physics

  • Electron Capture Beta Decay of Partially Polarized Nuclei


Center for K12 STEM Education

  • K12 STEM Education Projects from Tandon Programs


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering

  • Engineered Enzyme for Detoxification of Common Pesticides
  • LabLessons
  • Master of Disaster
  • Comdice
  • Misbehaving Proteins: Protein Aggregation in Neurodegenerative Diseases
  • DNA Nanoliter Reactor
  • Microfluidics: from carbon to AI


Civil and Urban Engineering

  • Urban Climate Action through Big Data
  • Mapping solar potentials at an extremely high resolution
  • Glass Micro Balloons and Concrete
  • Neuroscience for Architecture: Quantification of Human Responsiveness in Static and Responsive Built Environments
  • 3DP for Sustainable Formwork Free Construction


Computer Science and Engineering

  • Multimodal Analysis of Hip Joint Cartilage using Quantitative MRI
  • Longitudinal brain connectivity analysis of infant data


Electrical and Computer Engineering

  • Package Integrity Detection System Based on IOT Technology
  • Millimeter Wave Human Blockage Measurements for 5G Wireless
  • The Future of Wireless Power Transfer and Consumer Focused Applications
  • NYUSIM: An open source millimeter wave channel simulator
  • 140 GHz Channel Sounder
  • An Overview of Localization Techniques
  • Mobile Energy Storage for Resilient Electricity Supply
  • Data-Driven Control of Connected Vehicles


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering

  • Task specific hand rehabilitation device with interactive gaming environment
  • Legged Robots: Balancing and Gait
  • Modeling the dynamics of collective behavior
  • Electrostatic Actuation of IPMCs
  • Simultaneous velocity and pressure measurement using pressure-sensitive particles
  • Inferring Causal Relationship Underlying Fluid-Structure Interactions Using Transfer Entropy
  • Autonomous Robotic Cart for Food Delivery on Airplane
  • Citizen-Science Platform for Enhanced Telerehabilitation
  • Dynamics of collaboration between humans and engineered system in environmental monitoring
  • Biblio Bot
  • Microfluidic modeling of human vascular system
  • An underactuated 3D-printed prosthetic hand controlled using Real time EMG signals from the user forearm.
  • Interactive Robotics Swarm Game
  • Biomimetic robotics based paradigms to study zebrafish behavior 
  • 3D printing of lightweight submarine components
  • Decentralized Robot Swarm Smart-Control Interface


NYU Libraries - Bern Dibner Library 

  • The Parking Lot


Technology Management and Innovation

  • We are the new farmers
  • JAZET for S.S. Columbia: STEAM game design


Technology, Culture and Society

  • The Social Implications of AI Virtual Assistants
  • Using Blockchain and Decentralized Ledgers in Public Governance
  • Urban Participatory Lawmaking
  • Expanding Brands through VR
  • Cyberchondria Google Chrome Plugin
  • AI in the Human Avatar
  • Digital Twilight
  • AR Creator
  • Pets & Paws - Augmented Reality
  • SylphideAR
  • Think of Me
  • Odmor - The AR/Wearable approach to panic attacks


Other Exhibits

  • Safelet
  • Wi-Find
  • Mixed Reality Engineering Lab
  • Vertical Farming
  • Smart Cities Technology
  • Urban LiDAR and Remote Sensing
  • Soft Robotics
  • 3D Printed Biomedical Devices
  • Rogue Aerospace
  • ReprintBot
  • NYU Tandon Motorsports