Algorithms in the Field: Some Examples

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Speaker: S. Muthu Muthukrishnan, Rutgers University


Algorithms in the field is the notion that theoretical algorithms researchers working together with conceptual systems researchers, embedded in the field,  will lead to impactful research in theory, systems and applications. In this talk, we will provide some examples.

First, we will present a new database query "Reverse Nearest Neighbors", and show its widespread application in data analysis. Second, we will present  "Approximating with redundant dictionaries", an efficient way to approximate signals from a variety of scientific domains. Third, we will present "Optional Second Price Auction",  predominantly used in sale of online advertisements via real time platforms.

Finally, we will of course present some challenging non-examples.


Speaker is a distinguished professor at Dept of Computer Science, Rutgers Univ.  He graduated with his PhD from the Courant Institute, NYU. He was a researcher at Bell Labs, AT&T Labs, Google, and other corporate labs. At Bell Labs, he devised algorithmic scheduling methods for wireless systems. At AT&T Labs, he developed IP traffic monitoring systems with streaming algorithms. At Google, he led the Market Algorithms effort with design of auctions and optimizations for online advertising. His research interest is in design and analysis of algorithms in many fields, from Databases and Networking to Machine Learning, Online Economics and others. He is a Fellow of ACM and winner of 2014 Imre Simon Test-of-Time Award for his work on the Count-Min Sketch.