Focus | MR: The Possibilities

Conference / Symposium
For NYU Community

As we encounter new ways to use technologies such as augmented, hybrid, and virtual reality, it's important to think of ways to make our industries more inclusive and equitable. This can only be good for financial sustainability and for our communities to thrive. 

A question posed by Kamal Sinclair, director of New Frontier Lab Programs at Sundance Institute, is worth referencing:

  • "What if, instead of the majority of the world being marginalized from the process that is defining our future, we used the new interactive tools, data science, smart algorithms and immersive platforms to include a broad scope of people?"

Panelists for this discussion are creating new hot spots for economic growth in their own communities and inviting ideas from a diverse pool of creators and investors. New versions of our realities are possible — please join us as we explore them. 

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