Collective Intelligence Conference 2017

Conference / Symposium
For NYU Community

Collective Intelligence 2017 is the fifth annual interdisciplinary conference dedicated to advancing our understanding of collective intelligence and the workings of groups. 

Collective Intelligence 2017 will emphasize research in service of the public good and projects that address societal problems. Together we will explore the impact of Internet technology and big data on the ways in which people come together to communicate and combine knowledge and skills. Coming from myriad disciplines and fields, conference participants share how connecting groups of people, information, and machines can lead to more intelligent behavior and more effective problem-solving.

The event brings together researchers from the academy, businesses, non-profits, governments and the world at large to share insights, ideas, and experiences and to collaborate on the design of better approaches for fostering the use of collective intelligence. This year’s conference will place special emphasis on public interest applications of collective intelligence, namely the role of groups and collective intelligence in governing and in solving societal challenges.

Check out the list of speakers and the tentative schedule for this year’s Collective Intelligence Conference.


Price: $299 – $499