Career Path Analytics: New Ways in Identifying & Implementing Passages to Organizational Success

Conference / Symposium
For NYU Community

6th Annual Conference on Human Capital Innovation in Technology & Analytics

Leading firms are rethinking their approach to career paths, which are central in creating effective talent management systems to recruit, develop and retain hard to replace high performers, especially among knowledge workers. With intense competition for top talent, effective career paths can play a critical role in an organization’s achieving its human capital strategic goals. In recognition of this importance, firms have begun to focus on innovative research utilizing human capital analytics to better understand the dynamics of career paths and the interventions that can promote success.  
This conference brings together thought leaders and experts from industry and academia to discuss new analytic approaches to career paths, including machine learning, cognitive computing and Big Data. A primary goal is to assess how such approaches can address the challenge of identifying and implementing passages to organizational success. The conference will be attended by executives, managers and professionals, who range from human capital analytics experts to HR generalists, as well as faculty and students from various disciplines. This is a valuable opportunity to network with leaders in this emerging field and learn about how cutting-edge career path analytics can help win the "War for Talent".

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