Convergence of IoT, Cloud, Security: A Perfect Storm

Lecture / Panel
For NYU Community

Lecture Synopsis: Growth of the Internet of Things and Cloud Computing has magnified the impact of the security challenge by orders of magnitude. Join Wally Rhines, CEO of Mentor Graphics, as he examines the growing threats to silicon security and possible solutions.

As electronic system hackers penetrate deeper—from applications to embedded software to operating system to silicon—the impact of security threats is growing exponentially.  Viruses and malware in the operating system, or application layer, are major concerns, but only affect a portion of users.  In contrast, even small malicious modifications or compromised performance in the underlying silicon can devastate system security for all users.

Since hardware is the root of trust in an electronic product, integrated circuit designers will be increasingly pressured to solve the silicon security problems for their customers.  This requires a new paradigm in silicon design creation and verification.  The traditional approach is to design and then verify that the silicon does what it is supposed to do.  Creating secure silicon, however, requires that verification ensure that the chip does nothing that it is NOT supposed to do.

Distinguished Lecturer:

Walden C. Rhines
Chairman and Chief Executive Officer
Mentor Graphics

Walden (Wally) C. Rhines is Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Mentor Graphics, a leader in worldwide electronic design automation (EDA) with revenue of about $1.2 billion. During his tenure at Mentor Graphics, revenue has nearly quadrupled and Mentor has grown the industry’s number one market share solutions in four of the ten largest product segments of the EDA industry. He joined Mentor in 1993 from Texas Instruments (TI) where he was most recently Executive Vice President in charge of TI’s semiconductor business.  Rhines has served five terms as Chairman of the Electronic Design Automation Consortium. He is also a board member of the Semiconductor Research Corporation and First Growth Children and Family Charities.  He received a BSE degree from the University of Michigan, an MS and Ph.D. from Stanford University, an MBA from Southern Methodist University and an Honorary Doctor of Technology degree from Nottingham Trent University.

FREE and open to the public.

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