2017 Research Expo

Institute Event
Open to the Public

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2017 Winners:

#1  "4D shape modeling with applications to brain growth research." Exhibitor(s): Heejong Kim, Sungmin Hong

#2  "Babble Noise Reduction Systems, Hearing Aids, and Cochlear Implants." Exhibitor(s): Roozbeh Soleymani

#3  "Memex Project: Fighting Against Human Trafficking." Exhibitor(s): Yamuna Krishnamurthy, Sonia Castelo Quispe

2017 List of Exhibits 

Center for K12 STEM Education
"NYU Tandon K12 STEM Initiaitives." Exhibitor(s): Sharanya Gudepu


Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
"LabLessons ." Exhibitor(s): Teeba Jihad, Peter Ferrarotto, and Xuan Xie
"Chem E Car." Exhibitor(s): Liam Vesey, Tana Siboonruang
"Acetone Butanol Ethanol Fermentation/Extraction Process." Exhibitor(s): Eshan
"Engineered Responsive Protein Hydrogels For Therapeutic Delivery." Exhibitor(s): Yao Wang, Nicole Schnabe, Priya Katyal
"DNA Diagnostics." Exhibitor(s): Ursula Koniges
"Microfluidics: From Visualization to Trapping Methane onto Coffee Grounds." Exhibitor(s): Bruno Pinho, Jasmine Sabio, Ivanna Elkik, Weiqi Chen, and Tianyi Hua


Civil and Urban Engineering
"Digital fabrication of concrete." Exhibitor(s): Weihua Ji, Halim Bas
"Data-driven spatial-temporal dynamic equilibrium matching models for New York City taxi and Uber markets." Exhibitor(s): Diego Correa-Barahon, Dr. Joseph Chow PhD.
"Facility operations using eye tracking." Exhibitor(s): Ahmed Radwan, Zhengbo Zou "The Quantified Community." Exhibitor(s): Constantine Kontokosta, Nicholas Johnson, Awais Malik and Bartosz Bonczak


Computer Science and Engineering "Take a look in the eye ." Exhibitor(s): Charly Girot, Neel Dey
"Maturation Trajectory of Infant Brain Connectivity" Exhibitor(s): Heejong Kim, Neel Dey, Mathilde Guillaumot
"Querying and Exploring Polygamous Relationships in Urban Spatio-Temporal Data Sets." Exhibitor(s): Fernando Chirigati, Yeuk-Yin Chan
"Memex Project: Fighting Against Human Trafficking." Exhibitor(s): Yamuna Krishnamurthy, Sonia Castelo Quispe
"Crash Simulator." Exhibitor(s): Preston Moore
"PolyPasswordHasher." Exhibitor(s): Shuyuan Luo, Santiago Torres
"Minidungeons 2: MCTS Personas." Exhibitor(s): Michael Green, Athoug Alsoughayer
"Urbane." Exhibitor(s): Fabio Miranda
"4D shape modeling with applications to brain growth research." Exhibitor(s): Heejong Kim, Sungmin Hong


Electrical and Computer Engineering "360 degree video processing and view prediction." Exhibitor(s): Xinyu Luo, Yixiang Mao
"Optimal Scheduling for Scalable Video Streaming in Wireless Networks." Exhibitor(s): Amir Hosseini
"Babble Noise Reduction Systems, Hearing Aids, and Cochlear Implants." Exhibitor(s): Roozbeh Soleymani
"Bridging the digital divide between research and home networks." Exhibitor(s): Fraida Fund, Caleb Smith-Salzberg
"Performance Prediction and Risk Evaluation of Stocks." Exhibitor(s): Meredith Torrey, Shreya Kadambi
"Cognitive Interactive Tool for identifying 'Good Stocks'." Exhibitor(s): Shreya Kadambi, Meredith Torrey


Mathematics "Q-Vortices: Existence and computation." Exhibitor(s): Nathaniel Stemen, Luciano Medina
"Existence and computation of spinning solitons." Exhibitor(s): Shahmir Shahrol, Luciano Medina


Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering "PIF LAB." Exhibitor(s): Federico GregoryVachitar Singh Judge and Ryan Kubik
"A friction machine for human joint substitutes." Exhibitor(s): Shervin Ahamidi Design group
"Computational Fluid Dynamics: Assisting NASA with the First Extraterrestrial Submarine in the History of Mankind." Exhibitor(s): Shane Carberry Mogan, Damon Chen, Cyril Bernardo, Iskender Sahin, Angelantonio Tafuni
"Role of Smartphones in Healthcare Technology." Exhibitor(s): Ashwin RajKumar, Shweta Madhubhai Vaviya
"Knowledge is (Metabolic) Power: How Much Energy Do You Consume?." Exhibitor(s): Joo H. Kim, William Peng, Carlos Gonzalez, Carlotta Mummolo
"A smartphone interface-operated  intuitive and intelligent mobile robotic system to assist disabled humans in daily living based on human’s intent recognition." Exhibitor(s): Haiming Gang
"PhD Candidate." Exhibitor(s): Weiyi Qian, Renee-Tyler Tan
"Teaching middle school math and science lessons using low-cost robotics kits." Exhibitor(s): S M Mizanoor Rahman
"Fish-robot interactions." Exhibitor(s): Tommaso Ruberto, Daniele Neri, Changsu Kim
"Mobile Mixed Reality Control of Robot Swarms." Exhibitor(s): Jared Alan FrankSai Prasanth Krishnamoorthy
"Mechatronics & Robotics @ NYU Tandon." Exhibitor(s): Dr. Vikram Kapila
"Computational experiments of  zebrafish swimming." Exhibitor(s): Violet Mwaffo, Rana El Khoury
"Hull slamming." Exhibitor(s): Mohammad Jalalisendi
"Sensing and energy harvesting by ionic polymer metal composites." Exhibitor(s): Hesam Sharghi
"Tot-Bot." Exhibitor(s): Tanaya Bhave, Gang Haiming


NYU Libraries - Bern Dibner Library  "Wiley Ebook Assessment." Exhibitor(s): Mikolaj Wilk, Matthew Frenkel, Morrell McClurkin


Technology Management and Innovation
"S.S. Columbia Project." Exhibitor(s):  Elana Blinder, Tanvi Sinha,  Rhonda Lee Davis, Peter Arbaugh, Shashank Pawar, Tianyi Chen, Tracy Zhao
"Walk'Em" Exhibitor(s): Rodney Lobo, Eunha (Grace) Park, Cesar Augusto Sindoni Jr., Sepehr Forouzan Yazdani, Dawn Marta Feldthouse
"NYU FREEdge." Exhibitor(s): Tuba Naziruddin, Emma Joan Hoffman, Michael Niamher, Vandit  Chandrakanthbhai Maheshwari, Simon Chen, Rodney Lobo


Technology, Culture and Society
"Googling Corruption:  The City Record and Historical Big Data." Exhibitor(s): Jonathan Soffer, Luke DuBois, Dana Karwas, Jasmin Chabra
"Peel Back the layers..." Exhibitor(s): Fannie Pan, Daniel Park
"Requeerium VR." Exhibitor(s): Indira Ardolic
"FANTASY ELECTION: Can the model of fantasy sports create a learning environment for politics?." Exhibitor(s): Aurora Brigham
"Ana's story: creative network of invisible stories." Exhibitor(s): Tatiana Pilon
"Peace." Exhibitor(s): Mateo Hernandez
"Virtual Reality for Peace." Exhibitor(s): Mark Skwarek, Prof James P Lewis, Siyuan Qiu, Mayukh Goswami, Mateo Hernandez, Shuang Liang
"NYU Tandon Research Lab VR." Exhibitor(s): Mark Skwarek, Siyuan Qiu, Elizabeth Ensweiler, Cindy Lewis
"The Lenore Project - Augmented Reality." Exhibitor(s): Mayukh Goswami
"The Holographic Portfolio: New Ways of Experiencing Art Works on the HoloLens." Exhibitor(s): Baris Siniksaran, Participants from Dana Karwas's graduate user experience design class will also participate.

Other Exhibits

"VIP Smart Cities Technology" Exhibitor(s): Ruoxuan Jiang, Shuyuan Luo, Diego Correa, Shayan Khan "Cognitive Interactive Tool for identifying “Good Stocks”."
"InnoVention Finalists"
"NASA Robotics Mining Competition"
"Smart Cities NYC '17 Confrence"
"Undergraduate Capstone Projects"