2017 NYU Tandon School of Engineering Research Expo

For NYU Community

The highly interactive expo will showcase dozens of the most promising and exciting research projects from every academic department, as well as exhibits from the school’s Center for K-12 STEM Education, which is dedicated to boosting science, technology, engineering, and math education in New York City’s public schools.

NYU Dean of Engineering Katepalli R. Sreenivasan will welcome the public to the event to view the results of the school’s undergraduate, graduate, and faculty research. “This is an opportunity to show the scope and importance of our work, especially to young visitors who might not have considered a career in a STEM discipline,” he said. “Engineers and applied scientists develop practical solutions for critical problems faced by society, and our hope is that the work demonstrated at the Research Expo will light a spark of interest in students to become future generations of creative inventors, innovators, and technology entrepreneurs.”

Vikram Kapila, a professor of mechanical and aerospace engineering and one of the organizers of the event added, “The Research Expo will be eye-opening and enjoyable for everyone, from the most seasoned technologists to the youngest visitors. From robotics, to augmented reality, to the latest in bioengineering, the Research Expo will demonstrate just how many incredible developments are taking place right here in Downtown Brooklyn at the NYU Tandon School of Engineering.” 

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When: April 21, 2017, from 1:00 - 4:00 pm (General Public Viewing Period) Rain or Shine

Register: The expo is free and open to the public. Please register through the form below, or at, for updates and reminders.

Volunteers: Opportunities are available, please contact

2017 Winners:

#1  "4D shape modeling with applications to brain growth research." Exhibitor(s): Heejong Kim, Sungmin Hong

#2  "Babble Noise Reduction Systems, Hearing Aids, and Cochlear Implants." Exhibitor(s): Roozbeh Soleymani

#3  "Memex Project: Fighting Against Human Trafficking." Exhibitor(s): Yamuna Krishnamurthy, Sonia Castelo Quispe

2015 Expo Participants

2017 List of Exhibits 

(download a copy of the 2017 map of exhibits)

Center for K12 STEM Education
"NYU Tandon K12 STEM Initiaitives." Exhibitor(s): Sharanya Gudepu
Chemical and Biomolecular Engineering
"LabLessons ." Exhibitor(s): Teeba Jihad, Peter Ferrarotto, and Xuan Xie
"Chem E Car." Exhibitor(s): Liam Vesey, Tana Siboonruang
"Acetone Butanol Ethanol Fermentation/Extraction Process." Exhibitor(s): Eshan
"Engineered Responsive Protein Hydrogels For Therapeutic Delivery." Exhibitor(s): Yao Wang, Nicole Schnabe, Priya Katyal
"DNA Diagnostics." Exhibitor(s): Ursula Koniges
"Microfluidics: From Visualization to Trapping Methane onto Coffee Grounds." Exhibitor(s): Bruno Pinho, Jasmine Sabio, Ivanna Elkik, Weiqi Chen, and Tianyi Hua
Civil and Urban Engineering
"Digital fabrication of concrete." Exhibitor(s): Weihua Ji, Halim Bas
"Data-driven spatial-temporal dynamic equilibrium matching models for New York City taxi and Uber markets." Exhibitor(s): Diego Correa-Barahon, Dr. Joseph Chow PhD.
"Facility operations using eye tracking." Exhibitor(s): Ahmed Radwan, Zhengbo Zou
"The Quantified Community." Exhibitor(s): Constantine Kontokosta, Nicholas Johnson, Awais Malik and Bartosz Bonczak
Computer Science and Engineering
"Take a look in the eye ." Exhibitor(s): Charly Girot, Neel Dey
"Maturation Trajectory of Infant Brain Connectivity" Exhibitor(s): Heejong Kim, Neel Dey, Mathilde Guillaumot
"Querying and Exploring Polygamous Relationships in Urban Spatio-Temporal Data Sets." Exhibitor(s): Fernando Chirigati, Yeuk-Yin Chan
"Memex Project: Fighting Against Human Trafficking." Exhibitor(s): Yamuna Krishnamurthy, Sonia Castelo Quispe
"Crash Simulator." Exhibitor(s): Preston Moore
"PolyPasswordHasher." Exhibitor(s): Shuyuan Luo, Santiago Torres
"Minidungeons 2: MCTS Personas." Exhibitor(s): Michael Green, Athoug Alsoughayer
"Urbane." Exhibitor(s): Fabio Miranda
"4D shape modeling with applications to brain growth research." Exhibitor(s): Heejong Kim, Sungmin Hong
Electrical and Computer Engineering
"360 degree video processing and view prediction." Exhibitor(s): Xinyu Luo, Yixiang Mao
"Optimal Scheduling for Scalable Video Streaming in Wireless Networks." Exhibitor(s): Amir Hosseini
"Babble Noise Reduction Systems, Hearing Aids, and Cochlear Implants." Exhibitor(s): Roozbeh Soleymani
"Bridging the digital divide between research and home networks." Exhibitor(s): Fraida Fund, Caleb Smith-Salzberg
"Performance Prediction and Risk Evaluation of Stocks." Exhibitor(s): Meredith Torrey, Shreya Kadambi
"Cognitive Interactive Tool for identifying 'Good Stocks'." Exhibitor(s): Shreya Kadambi, Meredith Torrey
"Q-Vortices: Existence and computation." Exhibitor(s): Nathaniel Stemen, Luciano Medina
"Existence and computation of spinning solitons." Exhibitor(s): Shahmir Shahrol, Luciano Medina
Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
"PIF LAB." Exhibitor(s): Federico GregoryVachitar Singh Judge and Ryan Kubik
"A friction machine for human joint substitutes." Exhibitor(s): Shervin Ahamidi Design group
"Computational Fluid Dynamics: Assisting NASA with the First Extraterrestrial Submarine in the History of Mankind." Exhibitor(s): Shane Carberry Mogan, Damon Chen, Cyril Bernardo, Iskender Sahin, Angelantonio Tafuni
"Role of Smartphones in Healthcare Technology." Exhibitor(s): Ashwin RajKumar, Shweta Madhubhai Vaviya
"Knowledge is (Metabolic) Power: How Much Energy Do You Consume?." Exhibitor(s): Joo H. Kim, William Peng, Carlos Gonzalez, Carlotta Mummolo
"A smartphone interface-operated  intuitive and intelligent mobile robotic system to assist disabled humans in daily living based on human’s intent recognition." Exhibitor(s): Haiming Gang
"PhD Candidate." Exhibitor(s): Weiyi Qian, Renee-Tyler Tan
"Teaching middle school math and science lessons using low-cost robotics kits." Exhibitor(s): S M Mizanoor Rahman
"Fish-robot interactions." Exhibitor(s): Tommaso Ruberto, Daniele Neri, Changsu Kim
"Mobile Mixed Reality Control of Robot Swarms." Exhibitor(s): Jared Alan FrankSai Prasanth Krishnamoorthy
"Mechatronics & Robotics @ NYU Tandon." Exhibitor(s): Dr. Vikram Kapila
"Computational experiments of  zebrafish swimming." Exhibitor(s): Violet Mwaffo, Rana El Khoury
"Hull slamming." Exhibitor(s): Mohammad Jalalisendi
"Sensing and energy harvesting by ionic polymer metal composites." Exhibitor(s): Hesam Sharghi
"Tot-Bot." Exhibitor(s): Tanaya Bhave, Gang Haiming
NYU Libraries - Bern Dibner Library 
"Wiley Ebook Assessment." Exhibitor(s): Mikolaj Wilk, Matthew Frenkel, Morrell McClurkin
Technology Management and Innovation
"S.S. Columbia Project." Exhibitor(s):  Elana Blinder, Tanvi Sinha,  Rhonda Lee Davis, Peter Arbaugh, Shashank Pawar, Tianyi Chen, Tracy Zhao
"Walk'Em" Exhibitor(s): Rodney Lobo, Eunha (Grace) Park, Cesar Augusto Sindoni Jr., Sepehr Forouzan Yazdani, Dawn Marta Feldthouse
"NYU FREEdge." Exhibitor(s): Tuba Naziruddin, Emma Joan Hoffman, Michael Niamher, Vandit  Chandrakanthbhai Maheshwari, Simon Chen, Rodney Lobo
Technology, Culture and Society
"Googling Corruption:  The City Record and Historical Big Data." Exhibitor(s): Jonathan Soffer, Luke DuBois, Dana Karwas, Jasmin Chabra
"Peel Back the layers..." Exhibitor(s): Fannie Pan, Daniel Park
"Requeerium VR." Exhibitor(s): Indira Ardolic
"FANTASY ELECTION: Can the model of fantasy sports create a learning environment for politics?." Exhibitor(s): Aurora Brigham
"Ana's story: creative network of invisible stories." Exhibitor(s): Tatiana Pilon
"Peace." Exhibitor(s): Mateo Hernandez
"Virtual Reality for Peace." Exhibitor(s): Mark Skwarek, Prof James P Lewis, Siyuan Qiu, Mayukh Goswami, Mateo Hernandez, Shuang Liang
"NYU Tandon Research Lab VR." Exhibitor(s): Mark Skwarek, Siyuan Qiu, Elizabeth Ensweiler, Cindy Lewis
"The Lenore Project - Augmented Reality." Exhibitor(s): Mayukh Goswami
"The Holographic Portfolio: New Ways of Experiencing Art Works on the HoloLens." Exhibitor(s): Baris Siniksaran, Participants from Dana Karwas's graduate user experience design class will also participate.
Other Exhibits
"VIP Smart Cities Technology" Exhibitor(s): Ruoxuan Jiang, Shuyuan Luo, Diego Correa, Shayan Khan
"Cognitive Interactive Tool for identifying “Good Stocks”."
"InnoVention Finalists"
"NASA Robotics Mining Competition"
"Smart Cities NYC '17 Confrence"
"Undergraduate Capstone Projects"